E-mail Migration

Office 365, Google Workspace, IMAP/POP

On-premise email server(s), POP/IMAP, hosted Exchange, or Office 365/Google, we can help you handle the migration with minimal to no downtime.

Data Migration

Local & Cloud Sharing Service

Locally stored data, files on a NAS server, physical server, virtual server, cloud server, or another Cloud service can be migrated to (new) Cloud service(s).


Physical Hardware Upgrades/Replacements

Firewalls, network switches, printers, scanners, VoIP phone systems, surveillance cameras, and other peripherals may need to be added or replaced and configured appropriately. We can help ensure that they are installed and shared across the network if needed.


WiFi Optimization

Enterprise grade WiFi that covers large business/residential property spaces.


Software & OS

New software implementation due to industry requirements, age of equipment, or lack of support.

Software & OS updates/upgrades, such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Office Suite, Adobe Suite, and many more.


Enterprise & Desktop

In certain circumstances, older software may need to utilized but existing hardware might be failing or requires more processing power. We can introduce virtualization into your infrastructure which allows us to integrate and combine both old and new software on modern day hardware.


Backup Infrastructure Analysis


Local, off-site, as well as Cloud backups.

Access to your data after a disaster is critical; whether it’s failing hardware, malicious attack, or physical disaster, such as earthquake, fire, or flood.


Business & Residential Automation Integration

Lighting, music, cameras, or other automation systems can be integrated involving the installation of the hardware, setting the automation equipment up on the network, and configuring firewall/network equipment for external access.

All Systems

Supporting Most Available Platforms

MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows Server, PCs, Servers.



Migrate domain, website(s), web hosting to different companies.

… and more.

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